Thursday, January 19, 2012

And the new Metropolitan is....

Bishop William Skurla, of Passaic. 

I had guessed it would be him a while back for several reasons. Primarily because he is the most senior of the four current bishops in eparchial ordination. More telling though is that our current "synod" of merely four bishops, always votes for one of its own and seems to always choose the most "Latin minded" for their short list in order to placate Rome.
Ultimately, this does a grave disservice to the Ruthenian Metropolia in that we continue to have ever weaker Metropolitans guiding an already rudderless church and it diffuses the once rich heritage our church enjoyed by introducing non Rusyn elements into our liturgics and worship.

It does also seem that the decision was waited on until after the passing of Bishop Andrew, who even after retirement was still a strong force.

Being a younger Metropolitan, we will be sure to endure many years of rudderless leadership.I had hoped that a more vostochnik Metropolitan would have been selected.

Mnohaja L'ita Vladyka William!


Anonymous said...

Cto s'nami budet?

Anonymous said...

ive been disgusted for the last month because of this, sigh