Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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A poster at "Etnick" wrote this recently,

"Can you join me for vespers this Saturday? Oh! I forgot! Vespers is only celebrated in 1% of BCC churches. (I was being generous with 1%) Good luck with watered down Byzantine Liturgy!"

Enough with this BS posturing about watered down liturgies!!! Geeeez! Does endorse such statements? It seems so, since by and large there is a blatant bias regarding allowing such posts while suppressing posts which favor any of the revisions or opinions supporting them. There are most likely more than 1% of BCC parishes that REGULARLY celebrate vespers. Not every Orthodox parish is a model of perfection compared to each BCC parish. Etnick seems to be quite insulated in his commentary toward the BCC on which he admits to having left for the Orthodox Church. Are we remaining BCC's to stand by idly with this sort of attack? NO! If we dislike the changes to the Liturgy we must remain BCC! If we all run away from our parishes all we will succeed in doing is hastening the collapse of the Byzantine Cathollic Church. If we truly love our church we should stick to it and pray that our Bishops will undertake to correct some of the mistakes (and the misgivings) in regard to the recent revision of our Divine Liturgy. Overall, their hearts are in the right place, it was more the manner in which the revision was presented (or not represented) to the laity which caused such a problem.

For a balanced, moderated board( , this seems to be the usual tone of lately of the more strident posters who have agendas and are seeming allowed free reign to post such diatribes. So much for balance and Christian charity on!....

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