Friday, October 08, 2010

Our future Metropolitan......

I worry about the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church, more commonly known in the US as the Byzantine Catholic Church, Sui Juris. If the past pattern of selecting and elevating bishops who later become Metropolitans, our next Metropolitan would be Bishop William by virtue of seniority of elevation to the eparchial position.

Sadly, it seems that experience, orthodox views, and the will of the laity are not criteria for selecting the leader of our church. The Synod, consisting of three current bishops and one bishop emeritus, make the critical spiritual decision for all the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholics in the Pittsburgh Metropolia. Kind of a scary thought that these four men have such awesome power and that the choice they make will more likely than not be based upon which religious order (Fransican) the candidate is a member of rather than their positions regarding orthodoxy in Eastern Catholicism.

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Josephus Flavius said...

It has been a tough go for the archeparchy. The problem with being a non-patriarchal church is that the power rests in Rome. Then again, those Rusyns that have chosen to stay through the trials experienced during the times of Bp. Ireland, Alexis of Wilkes-Barre, Met. Orestes, et al. are not inexperienced in the vagaries of the Roman-Rusyn relationship.