Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My last commentary on Byzcath

For the indefinite time being, I have decided that the forum on isn't worth posting on anymore since they (the administrators and moderators) have rather successfully banned or overtly discouraged those who disagreed with them from ever coming back. It's too bad since that bbs originally was 'home' to many good people of the Eastern Catholic faith, including myself. With the banishment of fellow member and Metropolitan Cantor Institute student ByzKat, back in February 2008, I have decided not to post there. (Not that anyone at that bbs really cares whether one who primarily lurked though did post often enough would leave). I did notice recently that ByzKat has been "un-banned" possibly in a vain hope to lure those of us disgusted by the one sided nature of that sandbox, particularly in the area of derisiveness toward those who held anything of a positive view toward the "Revised Divine Liturgy" or RDL for short.

In the future I will focus more on my travels again and the more positive aspects of the Byzantine (Ruthenian/Rusyn) Catholic Church. In particular I will add more pictres to the blog.

Till then,

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