Monday, April 16, 2007

Into my twighlight of

Christos Anesti!

Fr. Anthony,

You posted further down:

"Father Serge and ByzanTN, Christ is Risen!

Somehow you have already managed to steer this thread off topic. Neither of your posts has anything to do with the question asked in the opening post. ...."

I don't see how ByzanTN's post particularly steered this thread off topic. However, the prior reference to camels by Fr Serge sure did!!! Ed Hash's post didn't help either.

Just curious....

It seems that since the whole subject of the RDL is contentous, those who have stayed on to debate it could probably use a little humor since the people who have the answers have apparently stopped visiting this board due to the lopsided playing field.

Myself, I have stopped posting here because of the views of several strong posters (including the Admin). I only watch now with sadness at all the venom spewed forth in these posts regarding the tragic experiment called the RDL. If we as a church (BCC) are not strong enough to handle such changes, then perhaps we will slowly, but unstoppably die away into history, as a footnote to the whole of church history. It does not make it any less uncomfortable for those of us who quietly fight to preserve our heritage and church.

In a way we're like the early Christians, folly to the Greeks, and a conundrum to the Jews. Just substitute Roman Catholic and Orthodox and in the middle you have us; Greek Catholics. At times it seems we are reviled and ostracised by both Catholics and Orthodox for wanting to be both.

Perhaps, it too is time I removed by bookmark to and let it go...


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